Interesting News for This 45 Year Old

Viagra-fuelled over-45s having risky sex with people they meet through the internet are being blamed for a surge in sexually transmitted diseases among the middle-aged.

So things will be different next year will they?

5 thoughts on “Interesting News for This 45 Year Old”

  1. What is the definition of “risky sex” anyway?

    Does it involve a trapeze? a midget(s)? bamboo shoots? Guardian readers?

    Tim adds: In this household I think it means sex that doesn’t involve my wife. As it does in many households actually.

  2. Risky sex is bonking the wife’s sister, mother and/or brother.
    I’m surprised that you kids don’t know this.

  3. Risky Sex for 45+ year olds = Doing what comes naturally to the post Pill & antibiotics/pre-Aids generation. How lucky we were…!

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