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Some of Mr Obama\’s advisers believe that Mrs Clinton\’s supporters have been sore losers while the former First Lady\’s camp is frustrated that plans to help her repay campaign debts of more than $10 million have not yet ben finalised.

Why should the Obama camp help her repay such loans? She carried on fighting and spending well past any possible point at which she could have won, after all.

It\’s also true that her campaign owes the money to herself isn\’t it? So why should donors stump up to pay back a very rich woman?

3 thoughts on “Interesting Question”

  1. Why donate? Because she still might pull off an upset at the convention. Obama doesn’t have enough pledged delegates, and the superdelegates might jump ship if some big skeleton fell out of his closet.

  2. ZT is right. It was a fairly clear quid pro quo – I stop campaigning and throw my support to you, you assist me in paying my remaining campaign debt, we hug, the lions lie down with the lambs, etc.

    Now there might have been an unspoken understanding on the Obama side that Hilary would control her supporters, and that understanding might not have been shared, and like other unspoken understandings that may be causing chaos. (Also I’m not completely sure about the hug part.) But both campaigns were pretty open about the nature of the bargain. That’s why he “should”.

    As for why he’d make such a bargain… well, had Hillary kept campaigning, she could have seriously hurt him for the general election, possibly made a credible bid for the nomination (the superdelegates will decide since neither candidate obtained enough delegates in the primaries, and they can legally change their minds at any time). Helping her retire her campaign debt is a fairly small price to pay to avoid these problems.

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