They might, you know, they might.

A TNS/MRBI poll published in the Irish Times shows that opposition to the EU Treaty has more than doubled over the last week, increasing from 17 to 35 per cent over the last three weeks.

Support for Yes campaigners, supporting a Treaty crafted to replace the old EU Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters three years, has dropped five points to 30 per cent in the same period.

Undecided voters stand at 28 per cent and seven per cent said they would not vote.

Nail biting stuff. Imagine that they do reject it. Which way will people look at it?

That 4 million people or so, less than 1% of total EU population, cannot be allowed to dictate for the others?

Or that it failed in the only place where it was put to the popular vote?

Those aren\’t mutually exclusive views, of course, but different people will tend to emphasise one or the other..


6 thoughts on “Irish News”

  1. This is the opportunity for the Republic to justify its independence: vote against, boys, and I’ll buy your butter for evermore.

  2. “This is the opportunity for the Republic to justify its independence”

    Is Obama’s presidential candidacy similarly the opportunity for blacks to justify their emancipation, or do you only apply outrageously patronising standards to the Irish?

  3. dearieme –

    Please do STFU.


    TDK –

    If they vote against it then I’m sure they’ll be given a second chance to get it right.

    Indeed. I was just thinking that should it go in favour of the No camp there might be talk of a re vote, because the issue was “clouded” the voters “mis-informed”.

    However, should the Yes camp win you can bet there’d be no such luxury afforded the No side and the blasted treaty would be ratified before the sunrise.

    That said, the re vote on the Nice treaty left a particular bitter taste in the mouths of Irish voters. It’ll be a hard sell though.

    All in all though this is great news. Who knows Ireland may one day lead the way out of the EU.

  4. john b, I think that in your spittle-flecked enthusiasm for taking offence, you’ve rather missed the point. The Oirish killed and expelled and robbed lots of people to get and enjoy their independence – is that all to be so that they can hand it over to Brussels?

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