Is Anyone Surprised?

Official figures show that vast sums have been shifted from Tory-leaning country shires and transferred to Labour-supporting towns and cities over the past decade.

Councils in London are now receiving twice as much per head of population from central government as their rural counterparts, according to statistics from the independent House of Commons Library.

The government funding gap between urban and rural areas has grown dramatically since Labour came to power in 1997.

That\’s what governments do isn\’t it? Tax those who are not natural supporters to provide the goodies for those who are?

None of us is actually naive enough to think that the pattern of government spending is determined solely by what\’s best for the citizenry are we, as opposed to at least being laced with a healthy dollop of party political calculation?

2 thoughts on “Is Anyone Surprised?”

  1. Isn’t this more likely to be due to bureaucratic inertia (just like the “oh noes, the Tories get more votes per seat than Labour, that must be due to Mugabe-esque manipulations)? – urban populations are down, suburban populations are up, but reallocating grants by new populations takes forever so the balance per capita has changed…

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