The government is to allow organs to be taken from people before they are officially brain dead in an effort to tackle the shortage of transplant donors.

Not dead yet, eh?

4 thoughts on “Lovely”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    But are they going to take them from anyone who has not specifically said they do not want to donate as they have threatened in the past?

    Not even Monty Python dreamt that one up.

  2. Take this along with “presumed consent” and clearly the State really does own us – even more than we thought.

  3. Just reminded me.

    A guy from Holland told me (almost 15 years ago) that, among people there, there are “unfounded” but very persistent rumors of involuntary euthanasia being practiced (practice makes perfect!) so widespread that there is a general reluctance for all aged 50 or over to be admittted except in dire necessity.

    Probably saves a bit on their healthcare costs, I’d guess.

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