Luke Akehurst

Comes up with an extraordinarily bad idea.

No, I mean seriously, horribly, bad.

Let\’s run a limbless, oppressed victim of terrorism against DD so that we can show that DD is, um, just posturing.

Tell you what, let\’s introduce him to an actual survivor of a terrorist attack, shall we?


There is an explanation for Luke\’s insane stupidity, of course. From his "about" page:

Labour Party activist since 1988 – firmly on the moderate wing of the party. National Secretary of Labour Students 1995-6. Parliamentary candidate for Aldershot (2001) and Castle Point (2005). Hackney Councillor (Chatham Ward) and Labour Group Chief Whip since 2002. Supporter of Europe, NATO/nuclear deterrence, Israel, electoral reform. Guardian reader. Dad. Stoke Newington resident. Amicus union member. Employment history as a Labour Party Organiser, Local Government Political Assistant, Public Affairs consultant (specialising in advising defence and aerospace companies).

He then adds:

The rest will become evident from reading the blog.

Do we really need more to know that he\’s umm, well, how to put this politely, umm, an idiot?

4 thoughts on “Luke Akehurst”

  1. So the Labour Party, which has just bought MPs’ votes by promising funding for Communist Cuba, plans to impugn the patriotism of a chap who served in the SAS. Good move, boys.

  2. This disgusting individual is not an idiot. He has never done an honest day’s work in the whole of his worthless life and is doubtless doing very nicely thank you.

    The tapeworm has by his own admission embezzled taxpayer’s money to further his own repulsive political agenda. And he isn’t in prison for it, or even being spat on in the street.

    Loathsome, odious, nauseating and foul, yes. Idiotic, no.

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