MEPs\’ Expenses

One slight correction needed here.

If, on the other hand, Labour and Lib Dem MEPs are also shown to be behaving improperly, then anger will be directed not at the Conservatives but at the EU – which may actually boost the Tories, who are seen as the least Euro-enthusiastic of the three main parties.

When talking about Europe and euro-elections of course the three main parties are the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP…Lib Dems are the fourth party in this instance. UKIP is therefore, by a country mile, the most euro-sceptic of the three main parties.

A recent survey of Britain\’s MEPs by the think tank Open Europe asked some very gentle questions – such as who handled their staff allowances, whether they had retained any of the money or employed any family members, and so on. Thirteen out of 28 Conservative MEPs refused to answer.

But so did 15 out of 19 Labour MEPs and eight out of 11 Lib Dems. (Nine out of 10 UKIP members responded, as did both Greens.) What do these other parties have to hide? Why have they been so muted in response to the Tories\’ travails? Could it be that they are up to no good themselves?

Quite, what do they have to hide? Our Man Corbett smugly announced that all Labour MEPs has their accounts dealth with by independent auditors. It would be interesting to see whether despite that, they were employing and these other shenanigans the accusations of which are being thrown around.

For example, the transport allowances scam? The paying your pension contributions scam?


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