Ministers and Reality

Meg Hillier, a Home Office minister, wrote a letter to this newspaper that began: "The Government makes no apology…" and went downhill from there. It added: "There is no evidence that employment checks are either a barrier to volunteering or damage relationships between children and adults."

Not much connection between the two really, is there?

1 thought on “Ministers and Reality”

  1. There will certainly continue to be no evidence of the damage inflicted by this policy, because the government are studiously avoiding any form of monitoring of, for example, youth support workers bailing out because they are sick of the form filling nonsense, or projects which are abandoned for similar reasons.

    They are already sick to death of the risk assessments and associated rigmarole they have to go through before they ever get a chance to take the youngsters out camping, or orienteering, or even on a coach trip to the zoo.

    And the real child molesters will continue to gain access to the children with as much ease as Ian Huntley did.

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