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This Green Energy Plan.

Are they really going to be backing rooftop windmills?

According to the strategy document, there could be a 90% increase in the use of ground source heat pumps, which heat homes by harnessing the warmth in the earth. Homeowners will also be encouraged to install wind turbines.


In most urban locations those windmills do not even generate, over their lifetimes, enough energy to cover their own manufacture. So their subsidy is a really, really, silly thing to do. It actually makes the problem worse, not better.

4 thoughts on “Oh Dear”

  1. Good point, as geothermal heat pumps require substantial area or a number of deep wells to function properly. Not very practical with small yards.

  2. “With sideways drilling, you could even steal the heat from under someone else’s garden.”

    Indeed. I drink your geothermal milkshake.

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