Oh, my….

Den Dover, the former chief whip for the Tories in the European parliament, has paid for two cars worth £65,000 using a family company bankrolled out of parliamentary expenses.

Dover has been paying up to £100,000 a year in European Union allowances into the family firm MP Holdings. The money is mainly intended to meet staff costs, but the company, run by his wife and daughter, has paid for at least two cars, believed to be BMWs.

You know, this is ringing a bell.

An MEP from the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) who embezzled tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money by pretending to be someone else used some of the cash to buy a new car.

Tom Wise spent £6,500 on a dark green Peugeot 406 saloon after siphoning EU money intended to fund the salary of his researcher, Lindsay Jenkins, into his own bank account.

The W-registration diesel vehicle is still owned by Wise, who has represented the eastern region of England for UKIP since 2004.

At a meeting of the party’s MEPs on Wednesday morning, prompted by revelations in last weekend’s Sunday Times about Wise\’s embezzlement, he admitted he had used some of the money to buy the car, contradicting previous UKIP statements that the cash had not benefited Wise personally.

The party has now withdrawn the whip from him pending the outcome of an investigation by the anti-fraud European Commission watchdog OLAF.

Gosh, I wonder what the Tories will do? Be softer on the abuse of expenses than UKIP? Or will they withdraw the whip, at the very least?

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  1. Tell him to look at Chris Davies then, as well. You know, the one repeatedly going on about how awful all this was. Ask him about his car.

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