Oooh, Oooh,

I get attacked!

By Tony Juniper!

Wonder if I\’ll get the right of reply?

5 thoughts on “Oooh, Oooh,”

  1. “Of course, jobs are a cost, but it is not difficult to see how we could generate power with more jobs and for less money.”
    I don’t think he quite accepts jobs are a cost.

  2. “Even oil spills count positively in conventional economic calculations – for example, because of the money spent on buying detergents and hiring ships and people for clean-up.”

    Ironic that he accuses economists of exactly the “make-work” fallacy you’re bemoaning…

  3. “If anyone is missing the main point about the environment it has to be conventional economists. Nowhere in our national accounts do they count the fabric of our planet for anything (even though it is positive to note that one or two tools are being modestly taken up in some economies – such as emissions trading in the EU).”

    I thought that conventional economics generally referred to “the fabric of our planet” as “the tragedy of the commons”? A well understood explanation for why so much of the general environment and especially the economically exploitable parts of it are a mess.

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