Organic Milk is Healthier?

I\’ve just stumbled across (via) what looks like an excellent resource. OK, it\’s funded by the NHS but it is indeed a public health service and informing the public about health issues seems fair enough.

Behind the Headlines.

A sample of their output.

Remember last week there were stories all over the place about how organic milk is better for you?

Umm, that\’s not quite true.

The results do not demonstrate conclusively that organic milk contains the best nutritional properties. In fact, the most favourable nutritional properties seemed to be found in milk from the non-organic low-input farms that used a spring calving system.

And yes, they do take you through all the steps to get you there, including links to the original research etc.

I\’m not sure how quickly they put up stories (I suspect they\’re a day or two behind the newspapers) but this will be a wonderful resource for us bloggers I\’m sure.


6 thoughts on “Organic Milk is Healthier?”

  1. Brilliant! Often news stories don’t even bother to say who wrote the original research never mind cite the paper which they are reporting. The phrase “Scientists say…” drive me quite potty 😉

  2. “All medical research is rubbish” is a better approximation to the truth than almost all medical research.

  3. There is now conclusive and growing evidence that organic milk is actually worse for health compared to non-organic milk. My book “Organic Milk Myth” explains why this is so with supporting evidence.

  4. The organic organizations in the U.S. specifically avoid touting the health benefits of organic food.

    ‘Cuz they can’t prove it, that’s why

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