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Umm, if we\’re all assuming that one of the solutions to this Irish Referendum thing is a two speed Europe (ie, some integrate more than others) then what\’s wrong with a three speed Europe? Something which we actually have at the moment anyway: there\’s the EU itself, the euro and Schengen and the varied memberships don\’t map exactly over each other.

In fact, what\’s wrong with a 27 speed Europe, where sovereign governments decide who they would like to co-operate with, when and how?

To be honest, I really can\’t see what I\’m missing here.


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  1. The thing you’re missing is that without an EU mechanism, there is no unaudited way for our political troughing class to really get their snouts down, no way for those who need even more power and ego-stroking than even Parliament can offer, to get their kicks.

  2. “In fact, what’s wrong with a 27 speed Europe, where sovereign governments decide who they would like to co-operate with, when and how?”

    They have, and they decided to join the EU?

  3. Why don’t the countries that want more integration simply merge and call themselves something short and snappy… like the EU? Then those of us who only want a loose trading arrangement and don’t want silly ex-lawyers poking their noses in our rubbish bins and dictating our cucumber lengths, can get on with sliding into economic disaster along with those two other non-EU basket cases – Switzerland and Norway.

  4. The proposed solution to the Irish Referendum is no solution at all. Neither does it matter whether the rest of the EU’s parliaments (since none of them are risking a plebiscite on the issue) pass the Lisbon Treaty or not.

    The treaty cannot be ratified.

    That’s what a national veto is all about.

  5. What about standing up for what we actually do want. A European Free Trade Area. We could even call it EFTA.

    But this idea would be like kryptonite to the eurocrats, it would make them shrivel and die.

    They want EVER CLOSER UNION.

    That means the ability to dictate to the nation states, what they may or may not do. They are tyrants, seeking a fiefdom.

    They need to mess into your pants and then pretend it was you. And they are helping you get over that of course, because although there is something not quite nice about you, there are government endowments to entice you to see reason and follow the government line.

    See what happens when you mess your pants?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Monty, while I’d support EFTA, I think it is a half measure. I’d think what we really want is NAFTA – a North Atlantic Free Trade Association. Although for the life of me I don’t see what is wrong with a WFA. As in World.

    This won’t change anything. The Irish may have exercised their veto and killed the Lisbon Treaty dead. They will just re-write a few words, call it the Dublin Treaty and have all the Parliaments ratify it, or better yet, just get every Head of Government to sign it. They don’t care what people want and they will not be distracted by foolish notions that get in the way of their dreams.

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