There is also something quintessentially British about the defence of personal liberties, given the amount of blood spilt over the centuries to obtain and preserve them.

Absolutely spot on.

The rule of law, under which everything is allowed unless specifically prohibited, is the basis of English liberty. This principle distinguished England from its continental counterparts, where people were subject to the exercise of arbitrary power, and actions that were not specifically authorised were proscribed.

Similarly correct. It\’s something that is at the heart of my euronihilism, that we cannot in fact become part of the legal and justice systems of a State (whether Federal, simply co-operative or a Super-State) which operates on such a different basis.

Or rather, we can, but only by uprooting the very basis upon which our own system works.

It\’s already moving from the relatively trivial (those regulations and directives telling us the allowable compositions of compotes, those duck egg reams) to the most certainly not trivial: extradition to places which do not have jury trials, do not have habeas corpus, with no evidence being presented nor any defence possible, for things which are not in fact crimes in the UK.

And it\’s only going to get worse.

So let\’s leave now, eh? Before it does get worse.

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