Seems Sensible

At last, an explanation for falling classroom standards. Predictably, it’s Balls. Apparently, every time the Schools Secretary sends out a vital Whitehall edict in his name the message is automatically blocked by the nation’s censorious school software programmes.

“I appreciate that schools don’t want to encourage the use of what they see as ‘bad words’,” says Tony Attwood, editor of the Schools Directory newsletter. “But I am not sure that exposure to the minister’s name is going to harm anyone in the information and communications technology services department.”

Are we sure it\’s the name that\’s causing it? Or the desire to protect people from the painful vacuity of the messages themselves?

6 thoughts on “Seems Sensible”

  1. A similar thing happened in the Highways Agency whenever the email filter software detected the word hardcore, a foundation material for civil engineering construtions. The IT thingies soon did something or other to fix the problem.

  2. Reminds me of the poor inhabitants of Scunthorpe who were isolated from the world by an over-zealous “naughty-words” filter at AOL some years ago. 🙂

  3. Yeah, those are clbuttic mistakes, and no doubt about it. I think Arsenal fans also find it hard to post on some bulletin boards. And for some weird reason, the fans of Manchester Fucking United as well.

  4. maybe he could sign off the Introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage as ‘icle test, icle test’?

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