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What went wrong for Hillary Clinton in her epic battle with Barack Obama?

That she\’s Hillary Clinton.

A sufficiently large number of people simply would not accept this person as a potential President. We knew right at the beginning that she had one of the largest negative ratings in American politics. That\’s pretty much it.

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  1. I’m no Obama fan, but, thank God he’s won. This woman is as mendacious, venal, narcissistic and corrupt as her husband was/is.

    Anyone who invokes the spectre of assassination as a reason to stay in the race (Hey! the other fella might get shot and killed…) deserves nothing but contempt.

  2. Alex, that was hilarious, thanks!

    FWIW, some inside-theBeltway perspective. Hubby has worked with Clinton ever since she came to the Senate (he’s a lobbyist and has a lot of clients in New York). He finds her charming. Funny, terribly smart with a work ethic that would kill a horse. And for the most part, her staff have been excellent to work with. I know Republican staffers who would prefer her in the WH over McCain because McCain can be difficult to work with, while Clinton goes out of her way to get things doen so that everyone is as happy with the outcome as circumstances permit.

    Here’s the rub. Bill.

    NOBODY BUT NOBODY wants another ‘two-fer’ Clinton admin.

    The joke going around now is:

    If Obama picks Clinton as his VP, the big question will be who gets the food taster?

  3. @dearime
    “Then, Pamela, why didn’t she divorce him?”

    No one pretends to understand the dynamic of that marriage. That she DIDN’T divorce him is one of the reasons I won’t vote for her.

    I know people who worked in the White House during their admin (not political appointments – military assignments).

    Both Bill and Hillary have messianic streaks blended with an outsize evaluation of their political smarts. The best guess is that the marriage became a vehicle for that as its primary purpose.

  4. I have been following the race for quite a while and have blogged about it almost daily.

    Hillary Clinton made so many mistakes it was criminal – at least now she is dropping out of the race come Friday.

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