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That is the only possible reaction to this:

Sir Nicholas and Ann Winterton were criticised for claiming up to £66,000 in housing expenses since 2006 on a £700,000 home after they had already paid off the mortgage. Despite an "unequivocal" breach of parliamentary rules, the couple were not told to repay it.

The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that the Wintertons have decided to move out after being barred from claiming any more in Additional Cost Allowance (ACA) for living there. Instead, they will move into a rented flat in Westminster which will cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds a year in ACA.

Lady Winterton, the MP for Congleton, Cheshire, has written to John Lyon, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, informing him that the family trust, which owns their previous home on behalf of their children, would now rent it out to a new tenant "at the current market rate, as now".

It is to laugh, no?

4 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. So Much For Subtlety


    Hanging is too good for the f*ckers.

    Even before tax I don’t think I have earnt 66,000 quid since 2006. Suddenly I see the justice of the politics of envy. Or anger in this case as it is my f**king money they are stealing.

  2. I in’t siggering. I is angry.

    This house, all the mortgage has been paid for from expenses given to them for accommodation, right? Surely, then, the house belongs to us, the taxpayers; not a bogus “family trust”?

    WTF is a “family trust” – some tax dodging fiddle for the mega rich, non?


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