Stabbing a Politician in the Back

A Conservative councillor whose wife stabbed him three times in the back over his alleged affair with another woman has pleaded with a judge to save her from going to prison.

Tsk Madam, Tsk.

Really, you ought to know that stabbing a politician in hte back is something reserved for other politicians, those in the same party as your husband. I wouldn\’t be surprised to find out that there\’s a law against it, so jealous of their privileges are those who rule over us.

2 thoughts on “Stabbing a Politician in the Back”

  1. I can’t help finding this judgement perverse.

    “The judge, Recorder Marc Willems, said that by accepting the reduced charge the Crown had “shown the quality of mercy because of the fundamental decency of the defendant and her family”. ”

    How is that a valid reason for accepting a reduced charge? Surely the charge should reflect the crime, and it’s immediate circumstances?

    Then we are treated to this nonsense:

    “”Mrs Pearson had no intention of causing any injury – she just wanted his attention,” he said. ”

    Well she certainly got it. She ended up putting him in the intensive care unit. But this risible defence argument is particularly offensive. No-one who applies potentially lethal force, unless it is by accident, is seeking to inflict anything but injury and/or death.

    “Judge Willems described the case as “tragic” and said the suspended sentence reflected the fact that Pearson was a “genuinely good member of our society”.”

    Nope. She is a violent criminal. She may be a respectable looking violent criminal, who is not outwardly vulgar, or profane. But she is a dangerous criminal, capable of inflicting lethal violence on people who dissappoint her.

  2. Also, regards the primary victim. May I suggest that a man who tried to defend himself from a knife attack using an eiderdown, is in no position to offer wise counsel or sound advice to anyone?

    Shouldn’t he be protecting his daughter from a crazed knife-wielding harpy?

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