Stevie Ray

My God the bugger was good, wern\’t he?

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  1. He was a genius. I have most of his albums. A few years ago, I was in Austin, Texas, where he was born. He is probably the most famous son of that city apart from Lance Armstrong.

    His death in a flying accident was a terrible waste. He’d turned his back on booze and drugs and was back to his best.

  2. Not the most social of characters though. He claimed that he only ever dined with two characters, Jack and Arthur. That’ll be ‘Jack’ Daniels and ‘Arthur’ Gram.

    Not sure it was a totally balanced diet. Seems to be missing the governments five portions.

  3. OK -I’m reallly sorry but who is he?
    (Yes he is good)

    Tim adds: Stevie Ray Vaughan. Slightly boggled that you’d not heard of him but then….there are people born after his death who can vote this year.

  4. Tim

    To be honest, the last rock record I bought had Peter Green fronting Fleetwood Mac.
    I guess I should get out more.

    Terry Needham

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