That Irish Referendum Result

It\’s still early days yet, but there\’s an inkling that it might be a no vote.

We would do well to point to Richard Corbett\’s comments:

Following my comments of yesterday, yet another myth has been drawn to my attention. This time it is that the European Parliament voted not to respect the results of an Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty.

The parliament did, of course, reject an amendment to add to my own report evaluating the treaty, a paragrapph calling for it to respect the result of the Irish referendum, but it did so (1) because this goes without saying as the Treaty can only come into force if it is ratified by every Member State….

No does indeed mean no.

6 thoughts on “That Irish Referendum Result”

  1. No no no. Hurrah, I feel like a unionist councillor.

    But it’ll be a short lived hurrah; A re vote will be called for due to the low turn out and the Yes camp will win by a slight majority or the boys in Brussels will simply slip the constitution components in piece by piece of the next few years.

  2. If the EU does carry on regardless what then? Are we in a dictatorship? Is there nothing we can do? The fairest way to settle this is to have a Europe-wide referendum. As for Gordon Brown’s comments that he’s going to carry on with ratification, that puts two fingers up to Ireland and exposes the EU elite for the arrogant pigs that they are. Democracy, my arse!

  3. It all goes to show that you shouldn’t let ordinary people vote on Europe an issue. You should leave it to the politicians like they do in the UK.

    And a fine job they’re doing.

    We don’t need to concern ourselves.

  4. Of course the slimebags have already started scrambling for an excuse to ignore this, the only democratic verdict on their risible treaty.

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