The German Gender Pay Gap

A new European Union study shows women in Germany earn 22 percent less than men — a number that puts the country among Europe\’s worst gender wage gaps.

Sheesh, appalling, don\’t you think? Given that the UK\’s gender pay gap is 17%, clearly, that social democracy, that Rhineland capitalism, oppresses women more than the Anglo Saxon variety.

2 thoughts on “The German Gender Pay Gap”

  1. One of the more fascinating aspects of German society is the almost total lack of flow- up or down- on the social ladder. If one is born a male German and one of your parents went to college, it is almost impossible to fail in this society and if you do not belong to that group it is equally difficult to gravitate upwards.

  2. DavidV, is that anecdotal, a general impression or is there hard sort of research to back it up?

    My experience is that you are absolutely right, but it’d be nice to have hard facts.

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