The Mickey Tax

You\’ve heard of the Mickey Tax?

The idea that each visitor to the United States from the visa waiver countries should pay a tourism tax to. umm, encourage tourism to the United States?

And yes, Disney is indeed heavily involved in this. Why do you ask?

What, you didn\’t think that politics worked this way? That special interests try to get their snouts in the trough?

3 thoughts on “The Mickey Tax”

  1. And trawling around those blogs and linked blogs, we get this lovely definition:

    “NEGISLATION (n): A legal act which, by design or accident, achieves the opposite effect to that which it purportedly intends. Examples include the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and the Travel Promotion Act (the Mickey Tax Act) of 2008. See also negulation.”

    The New Labour Parliament of 1997-2010 should be referred to as the Negislature, and the Government of 1997-2010 as the Nexecutive.

  2. Tax on tourists are very common in the US. Most cities have a hotel room occupancy tax. This is because the local population has to vote on local tax rises. It is obviously pretty easy to get people to vote for a tax that only strangers will pay.

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