The Recyclable Bike

Here, made out of cardboard.

An impressive achievement, yes. But as to being recyclable?

Don\’t people know that steel is recyclable and is indeed recycled? Aluminium?

12 thoughts on “The Recyclable Bike”

  1. Yeah, and the prices are WAY off. I bought my last bike, new, for £70. Mine’s also been left outside, which is more than you can do with his cardboard bike.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    They are clearly using “recycling” in its new form – meaning slow, painful, expensive and a general waste of time.

  3. Quite: making something that is fundamentally unfit for purpose – or generally less likely to survive the trials to which it is inevitably going to be exposed – means that the resources are being wasted in their first incarnation. That you can scrap something that is broken and reuse it for somethign is entirely beside the point.

  4. You can’t expect a student of ‘Industrial Design’ to know anything about anything apart from how to get his name in the paper, something this individual has been very successful at.

  5. Can’t believe the piece wasn’t titled: Recyled Cycle.

    In the old days, we had “boys’ bicycles” and, of course, “girls’ bicycles.” What now? “Bi-cycles?”

  6. It’s not even particularly novel. Here’s a link to a company in Italy that specialises in making wooden wheels for bicycles, which do have genuine fans for their characteristics as wheels rather than for the novelty value. Apparently they were even used by professionals at one time. they even made a whole bicycle from wood last year for a gift to the Pope

  7. Surely all bikes are recyclable; you wouldn’t want one you can only cyle once…

    A mate of mine holds the world record for [url=]rowing up the Thames in a paper boat[/url].

  8. I think TomJ means “you wouldn’t want one you can only CYCLE once.” It sure would be a bummer to get your new bike out and push your foot down on the pedal, and after one rotation be done for the day!

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