The Wisdom of Whores

Elizabeth Pisani has a piece today that roughly outlines where we are with AIDS today.

There\’s two entirely different epidemics: the African one, which is indeed largely heterosexual, and the one everywhere else, which is:

The second epidemic covers the rest of the globe. Nine out of ten humans (and three in ten of those infected with HIV) live in countries where the virus is spread mostly when people buy and sell sex, when they shoot up drugs, and when men have anal sex with lots of other men. Only a minority do these things in any country, but that still adds up to several million people worldwide. We know how to prevent HIV in these populations, and we have known for years that in Asia, the Americas, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, if you do that prevention well, HIV won\’t spread farther. Even if you don\’t control HIV in these populations, it won\’t go all that much farther.

If this story, and how the international bureaucracies are shaking us all down about it, is of interest, then I recommend her website, Wisdom of Whores and also her recent book of the same name.

Epidemiology, public choice economics, Uncle Milt\’s four ways to spend money, they\’re all there.


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