They Really Are Trying To Kill Us All You Know

Seriously. As you know we\’re all supposed to be composting our garden and kitchen waste so as to stop Gaia getting tetchy and when you do this is the sort of thing that happens

A keen gardener died after contracting a rare lung infection from the compost he spread on his garden.

Just a day after he raked the rotten leaves and plants over his garden the 47-year old man was admitted to hospital complaining of chest pains and a shortness of breath. Less than four days later he was dead.

Doctors believe that he contracted the infection by inhaling fungus spores which had grown among the dead leaves during storage.

His death has prompted a warning to other gardeners about the dangers of compost.

We know that the environmental movement is infested with those who insist that the real problem is too many people….is this insistence that we all expose ourselves to disease by not having our rubbish collected thus part of the preferred solution?

4 thoughts on “They Really Are Trying To Kill Us All You Know”

  1. Come on, you townie – aside from the whole Gaia philosophy thing, what’s wrong with putting organic matter back into the ground?

    The whole point of compost is that it’s supposed to be rotted until it breaks down into soil, so it’s kept reasonably moist – not dry and dusty. By the time it’s done, there are no recognisable plants or leaves and it gets hot enough during the rotting process to kill off most weed seeds and fungus as well as pathogens. It shouldn’t even smell bad. The poor man must not have understood.

  2. You can see how this is going to pan out.

    Obviously, this incident proves that home composting is too dangerous an activity for ordinary people. What if a child had inhaled the spores.

    Henceforth, all garden waste must be deposited in special containers meeting all health and safety guidelines for the disposal of hazardous waste and be collected by the council for an extra fee by specially-trained operatives kitted-out with the latest safety equipment.

    Disposal of fallen leaves in a non-sanctioned manner (such as composting) or by a person without the appropriate qualifications will be a criminal offence.

  3. Alex and what is wrong with thinking of the children? Surely they have a right to be protected from death as well?

  4. This used to be called “Farmer’s Lung”.

    It’s a rare allergy-type thingy that some people, unfortunately, are prone to.

    Doesn’t cause many deaths iirc.

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