Those Ecotowns

Not all that green after all.

Ministers have set a target for all new housing to meet the highest "level six" sustainability rating by 2016 – which would in effect see them rated as "carbon neutral".

To meet the standard, all the energy used to heat, light and run appliances within the home would all have to come from renewable sources. The houses themselves would also have to be built to reduce energy usage by 100 per cent more than current building regulation standards.

But homes in eco-towns, the first of which will come into existence at around the same time, will only have to be built to the lower "level three" rating -meaning they have to improve on current energy use standards by 25 per cent.

1 thought on “Those Ecotowns”

  1. Anybody want to live in these eco-slums? I think we should insist that anyone who thinks these carbon sinkholes are a good idea should be forced to live in them.

    In the 1960s, the architectural fad of brutalism produced concrete jungles that no sane architect would want to live in, and by the 90s most had been knocked down.

    Now we have a new architectural fad called the “eco-town” based on a junk science concept called “carbon neutrality”.

    And I guarantee these eco-towns will go the same way as the brutalist concrete jungles.

    Oh and expect these eco-slums to be the social sinkholes for problem families and drug addicts.

    You don’t have to be Nostradamus to work out what will happen…

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