Timmy Elsewhere

The B.

Climate change and discount rates and a no shit Sherlock moment.

3 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Timmy, how much did the Spectator pay you for that? I normally love your material, but come on. Just as we didn’t need Lord Levy to tell us the bleedin obvious, we didn’t need you to point out that it was in fact bleedin obvious.

  2. Of course, we all recognize that “no shit, Sherlock,” is another of those gross American misspellings, in this case, of “no shite, Sherlock.”

  3. Actually, Americans have a similar saying: “No shit, Dick Tracy.” And I couldn’t tell you which is in longer use, that or the “Sherlock” version.

    I can say confidently that the Dick Tracy version has been around since at least the early 1950s, while I don’t think I’d heard “Sherlock” any earlier than the ’70s. That’s not definitive–just my own experience. Somehow, both of them seem (to my ear, anyhow) more American than English.

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