Timmy Elsewhere

Off to Londinium for the next stage in this UKIP MEP selection process. Back Friday, might get access to a box along the way.

15 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Hold on, when it was “Londinium” it was part of an earlier European Union. Shouldn’t you prefer “Lundenwic” or “Lundenburh”?

  2. Don’t do it, Tim, don’t do it.

    Even you will not be able to resist. You will go native, you will be assimilated.

    In a few years we’ll be reading how you charged your Portuguese goat-herd’s babysitting bills to your expenses. Or something.

  3. Tim, if you happen to see Bob Spink, could you please punch him in the face for me?

    I cannot believe he voted with the Government, despite para 7.9 in UKIP’s own policy document.

  4. My UKIP membership card has just gone through the shredder as well.

    I’m utterly appalled at Spink’s vote.

  5. Tim have you nothing to say on the Bob Spink issue? First time I’ve ever noticed you NOT mention a UKIP related story.

    Tim adds: I’ve been travelling….on UKIP related business in fact. There is a comment today on this blog relating to David Davis and Bob Spink, yes. No, I’m not happy.

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