Timmy Elsewhere

At CiF.

About the gender pay gap and Harriet Harperson.

I\’ve still not quite got writing for there right yet. They tell me that they want 550-650 words, and yet everyone else seems to write as long as they want, meaning that I  look pretty short and dismissive. Still, let\’s see what the comments are like.

3 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. What is your problem Tim? It’s a well-written piece and because it’s short, it’s pleasant to read. The ‘keep it short’ policy should be applauded!

  2. Nice piece. Not sure babykiller Harridan will understand it.

    Is employee protection legislation reaching the point where employing someone could constitute a breach of the Companies Act? You are taking on almost unlimited liabilities for a very uncertain return and little scope for managing the risk.

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