Well, Obviously

The report found that ending weekly collections would "significantly alter the pest infestation rates and hence the disease transmission at source", while vermin and insects could be "encouraged into the home environment".

Something that has been pointed out around here and also at other places. I don\’t claim any great prescience, of course, a child could see that this would happen.

And of course the root cause is our old enemy, the European Union. It\’s all about forcing people to recycle because there\’s rules about how much waste we are allowed to landfill. Entirely stupid ones of course, and the new system will cost at least twice what the old one did.

So, can we leave yet?

3 thoughts on “Well, Obviously”

  1. “And of course the root cause is our old enemy, the European Union.”

    Don’t be ridiculous. The EU doesn’t and has never told councils how often they should collect rubbish. The councils are doing it in an attempt to save money.

    If people don’t like this, they should bring it up with their councillors. (If this isn’t effective, then it’s because local democracy isn’t effective — the answer to which is to have binding referendums on any issue of 5% of the population of a government level wants it).

    Tim adds: Are you sure you’ve been following this story? The recycling laws, the targets for both recycling and the reduction in landfill come direct from the EU. That’s what’s driving this.

  2. The EU has mandated the recycling, but the local authorities have mandated that the task must be completed with no more staff or resources than they used in the days of a single weekly collection that took all the waste to the tip.

    That is why refuse is stinking and festering for two weeks in between collections.

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