Well, Yes.

Arguing that what we actually need to clean up hosptials is somone actually responsible for doing so: bring back Matron in other words. Yes, quite, however, this part ain\’t true:

Everyone also knows that C difficile is a hard nut. Unlike MRSA, which is found only in hospitals (which means it falls into that fascinating category of \’iatrogenic\’ ailments, those caused by medical interventions), it\’s found in the environment.

I can\’t remember whether it\’s many of us or most of us that carry MRSA but to say that it only occurs in hospitals is very definitely wrong.

5 thoughts on “Well, Yes.”

  1. It’s hospital-created (evolving as a consequence of the selective environment the antibiotics imposed) but not hospital-exclusive. It’s just mainly a problem in hospitals because patients are obviously more vulnerable than non-patients.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I tend to agree with the Matron argument, but I think it is only half the solution. A Matron is someone who is responsible and known to be responsible. Unlike most of the civil service where responsibility dissolves into grey nothingness. However even naming someone who is to blame if things go wrong is pointless unless there is a consequence – you need to be able to sack non-performing Matrons. This is what is wrong with the British Civil Service. You can be fired for saying someone looks hot in their new dress (well, given a good talking to and sent off for re-education), but you can’t be fired merely for fucking up if your Line Manager likes you. The Civil Service ought to sack about 5% of its employees each and every year for the next ten years. So unless the Unions are broken and incompetents are sacked then the rest is window dressing.

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