What a Big Surprise!

Britain and Europe will be forced to fundamentally rethink a central part of their environment strategy after a government report found that the rush to develop biofuels has played a "significant" role in the dramatic rise in global food prices, which has left 100 million more people without enough to eat.

The Gallagher report, due to be published next week, will trigger a review of British and EU targets for the use of plant-derived fuels in place of petrol and diesel, the Guardian has learned.

The study marks a dramatic reversal in the role of biofuels in the fight against global warming. As recently as last year, corn ethanol and biodiesel derived from vegetable oil were widely seen as important weapons in that fight – and a central plank of Gordon Brown\’s green strategy. Now even their environmental benefits are in question.

Nobody should be all that surprised at this outcome, of course. Anyone with any sense has been saying these things for years.

But remember the elephant!

It was unclear yesterday whether Britain had left it too late to influence EU biofuel targets, after the government failed to raise objections in a succession of votes in European environment and industry committees. British officials believe the issue can still be revisited in Brussels.

Even though we know that the technology is not only not beneficial, but positively harmful in both emissions and that trivial point about starving people, we can\’t actually do anything about it. For it\’s all to do with the European Union you see….one of the subjects that the federasts insist we must be members to deal with is indeed the environment.

But, just like every bureaucracy anywhere, they insist on trying to pick technological winners and just like every bureaucracy everywhere they fail in doing so.

And, umm, yes, that Lisbon Treaty does indeed give more power to that centre to determine such things for us. Which given their track record is a real joy, eh?

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