When An Economist Watches a Soccer Game

And now I\’m jamming out to the music on my iPhone in celebration while my daughter is coping with her crap iPod from 1923. You should see me play the air guitar.. mm hmm magic flows from my fingers. And I\’m sure you can\’t wait to see me dance because that is, of course, the main attraction. When I start my daughters are so overjoyed that they have to step outside for a little. They tell me that it\’s because they don\’t want to be seen with me, but I know it\’s really to suppress their misery that this gene was not passed on to them. Well, the main point of this is to report on the victory of Turkey because soccer is the favorite sport of Americans (how \’bout them Celtics?!) and assuming that the majority of American citizens TiVo legitimately every game that takes place and watch it with teeth ground and fists clenched, I think that you will agree with me when I say: what a game, my fellow soccer fans, what a game!

He\’s got it just about right, don\’t you think?

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