Worth Remembering About That Referendum

Guido cranks some numbers and yes, they\’re interesting.

However, what we might remember, and actually use as a line a time or two, is this.

100 % of the popular votes on the Lisbon Treaty have returned a no answer.


3 thoughts on “Worth Remembering About That Referendum”

  1. This is also what the German papers are spouting. One headline translation:

    862,415 Irish block the rest of Europe

    They conveniently forget that the German government was afraid to put the treaty to a popular vote.

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  3. Does any one have a link to gavin elsers interview last night on newsnight asking Margot over and over again.

    “Your boss, Jose Manuel Barroso, says the treaty’s not dead, it’s still alive. Can you explain to voters what they would have to do to kill it?”

    Ive seen it on iplayer but i want it on something i can keep such as you tube, its absolutely priceless. The woman eyes are all over the place as she lies her way thru the interview.

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