Irish voters have rejected the Lisbon treaty, government ministers conceded today, in a move which throws the entire project of reshaping the EU into turmoil.

With more than 864,000 votes counted, official returns from Thursday\’s vote showed the no camp leading 53.9% to 46.1%.

Only two out of Ireland\’s 43 constituencies – Dublin South and Clare – had voted for the Lisbon treaty.

Still need the final totals of course….

6 thoughts on “Yippee!”

  1. Now then Tim, don’t you know that referendums are“a device for dictators and demagogues”?

    You can’t advocate that sort of thing in Britain. The world would end.

  2. Tim, surely you don’t think this little setback will have any significance in the long run? After all, the Irish shouldn’t even have needed a referendum as the French and Dutch ‘no’ votes on the constitution should have killed the project stone dead. The Commission will simply find another way to resurrect the thing, no doubt in a manner that will allow the Irish government to finesse it into law without having to consult the pesky voters. The EU is not in the business of allowing something as trifling as the will of its people to derail its grands projets.

    Tim adds: Of course, I know that. It’ll be wrapped up into the Treaty of Accession of whoever is the next country to join. That’s how they’ll do it. But at least we can see the bastards doing it.

  3. We can see the bastards doing it now. Exposure to the public gaze when one is doing something frightful is no disincentive when one has no shame, and little prospect of suffering retribution.

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