A Politician Being Bought

Gordon Brown was accused last night of desperately attempting to buy off a deadly cabinet revolt, after it emerged that Labour\’s chief whip, a key player in any attempt to oust him, is being lined up for a plum job in Europe.

Geoff Hoon has come under heavy pressure, alongside the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, to lead a delegation asking Brown to quit for the good of his party. But it has emerged that Hoon is hot favourite to succeed Peter Mandelson as European Commissioner next year.

And this is different from politics as usual in what manner? They\’re all bought by promises of advancement all the time.

2 thoughts on “A Politician Being Bought”

  1. Hoon? Christ…

    Why don’t Labour have some political sense for a change and put Ken Clarke up for Commissioner? That’d cause more electoral damage to the Tories than anything Labour can come up with on their own.

  2. Nosemonkey

    If Ken became EU commissioner, then everyone would hate him. It would be the best thing ever.

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