A Prediction

The maximum payout for a severely wounded British soldier, currently set at £285,000, is expected to be increased to £570,000, in addition to a guaranteed income for life.

Campaigners have long argued that payments made to soldiers such as Paratrooper Ben Parkinson, who received £152,150 after being seriously injured in a landmine explosion in Afghanistan last year, are unacceptably low.

My prediction? Some little shit will start insisting that this only applies to people wounded from now on.

Giving injured troops priority in the NHS also seems entirely sensible although again I see a potential problem. If troops are vital workers, then so are policemen, NHS workers themselves, outreach workers….how long before we have a truly two tier NHS, one where those who work for the State get priority?

Would have been so much simpler not to have abolished the military hospital system, wouldn\’t it?

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