AC/DC The Musical

Yes, it might indeed happen:

Besides \’Mamma Mia!,\’ the jukebox musical based on ABBA\’s oeuvre, \’Long Way to the Top\’ would join \’We Will Rock You,\’ \’Movin\’ Out,\’ \’Jersey Boys\’ and other hit stage shows shaped by pop hits. It remains to be seen whether AC/DC\’s core constituency can come around to the idea: When the U.K. newsletter Popbitch reported the project "may be in the pipeline," one disgruntled fan posted, "Yeah … it\’s moving through my small intestine as we speak."

2 thoughts on “AC/DC The Musical”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    What do you mean “can”? Of course they will. Except sung by some third rate Celine.

    It seems that Capitalism has magical powers – it turns everyone into Fat Elvis and sends them to Las Vegas. Even if they are dead and Australian.

    Still. I can’t wait for “the Ozzy Osbourne Story” to make it to Broadway. Perhaps Cliff Richards is looking for a project?

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