Any Farsi Speakers Out There?

Care to translate this for us?

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  1. By machine:

    Persian President of the Republic Spur Ahmedinejad’ı identification absence. But eşiyle the first time görüntülendi. This unusual pozu 51 aged Spur Ahmedinejad Tahran’da one each lecture during verdi. But nevertheless Ahmedinejad’ın eşini know murder. Eagle sheet of a bed of Persian First Ladysi black one each spectacles attached. But Ahmedinejad’ın eşinin inevitable aged okay and isminin not okay even if public opinion by bilinmiyor. Lady Ahmedinejad’ın unmarried similar engineering education take notice of estimate ediliyor.

  2. It is indeed written in Turkish (Farsi uses an Arabic style cursive script rather than Roman script). Very roughly translated it says:

    “Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad needs no introduction. However, this is the first time his wife has been seen.

    “In this unusual pose, 51-year old Mahmud Amhadinejad is seen at a conference in Tehran. It is, however, very difficult to recognise (distinguish any details of?) his wife. Under her black chador, the first lady also wore dark glasses.

    “Neither the age nor the name of Ahmadinejad’s wife are matters of public record. Madame Ahmadinejad is believed to have met her husband while they were both studying engineering.”

    Fortunately, it’s written in reasonably simple Turkish; pretty much at the limits of my translating “skills”. Not terribly exciting – sorry.

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