Bankrupt Boris!

It would be easier for me to lose weight than it would for Labour to lose Gordon, and I will bet anyone £100 that I can lose a stone – and tip the scales at less than 15 stone – before Gordon Brown ceases to be PM.

You know, if enough people took him up on that (say, 50,000-100,000) and he failed, he could be made bankrupt if he didn\’t lose the weight.

Then again, given that incentives matter, the risk of doing so probably would make him lose the weight. So, umm, the more people who did sign up to try and make him bankrupt, the less likelihood there would be of it happening.

4 thoughts on “Bankrupt Boris!”

  1. Someone should remind Boris that the best way to banish yards of unhealthy, useless ugly flab, is to get rid of the PM.

  2. The good folk of Southwold were highly indignant when they found out that the government had decided against repairing their sea defences. (Especially in light of the millions spent on coastal defence to protect the home of Hillary and Tony Benn.)

    But if they really want to make use of a massive, impenetrable flood barrier, I think they will find there is one sunning himself on the beach right now. And all they have to do is tie him up with a washing line and drop him into the harbour.

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