Blamed for Being Sensible

Britain is trying to water down tough new European legislation to boost the uptake of renewable energy, despite a pledge by Gordon Brown last month to launch a "green revolution" based on clean technology.

Essentially the desired change is to move from "shall" give priority to renewables being connected to the grid to "may" give priority.

The justification is this:

Britain\’s justification for the change, included in the document, was that it was concerned about relying too heavily on intermittent renewablewable sources of electricity. It said: "The use of \’shall\’ could have substantial implications on network balancing and security of energy supply." It said "thermal sources" of electricity were needed as back-up, and "over time this essential back-up generation might not be available if new renewable generation projects must be given access to the grid". It said the UK wanted the "discretion to prioritise renewable generation".

As you do indeed need to make sure that there is sufficient back up power generation when you add wind and other renewables to the grid, this seems entirely fair. We\’ll keep the ability to add renewables only when that back up is available.

Seems like (shock, horror!) they\’re being sensible here to me.

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  1. Politicians have discovered that eco-wibble sounds good around Islington diner parties but blackouts will lose elections.

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