Bodes Well For ID Cards, Eh?

The evidence uncovered by the tax-credit victims reveals: The computer routinely wiped out claimants’ salaries, thus triggering overpayments. One claimant landed with tax-credit debts was told: “The computer zeroed your wife’s salary. It’s a common fault.” Duplicate rogue files caused errors and sent out multiple awards. One claimant was sent 10 letters in one day – but was still assured there were no payment mistakes. He was subsequently threatened with court action over the overpayments. Victims were sent letters claiming they had “no right of appeal” when they were pursued for overpayments caused by official error. A woman with two children said she had taken out a £7,500 loan to repay the tax credits after receiving one of the letters.

2 thoughts on “Bodes Well For ID Cards, Eh?”

  1. BlacquesJacquesShellacqes

    A sufficiently complex program requiring human interaction will generate errors indistinguishable from random events.

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