The findings, published today in the journal PLoS ONE, show that broccoli changes how genes linked to causing prostate cancer act.

Scientists gave men 400g of broccoli, equivalent to a couple of portions, in addition to their normal diet.

The results show that regular amounts of broccoli can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by changing how specific genes behave and could also help prevent the disease becoming more aggressive.

Well, it had to be useful ffor something, didn\’t it?

9 thoughts on “Broccoli”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is wine. It is well known that it is good for the heart.

    And frankly I’d smack anyone who tried to tell me there was something wrong with cheese. I mean it is obviously good for you. And look how fast calves grow up!

    But of course the morons who get interested in diet are mostly anally-fixated retentives who are suffering from constipation, a hatred of other people having fun and are often religious weirdos.

    Ignore them all. Meat, wine and cheese. Good enough for Jesus. Mind you, he didn’t make it to forty did he?

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  3. Meat, wine and cheese–and broccoli and at least another dozen veggies. All good stuff. Do they eat “broccoli rabe” over there?

  4. “Ignore them all. Meat, wine and cheese. Good enough for Jesus.”

    Yeah, but the wine was actually water.

    Tim adds: Yeah, but: all wine is originally water. You know, rain faling upon vines. The rain’s the same, but processing it through Latour makes a slight difference to processing it through a Blue Nun vineyard, yes?

  5. Julia:

    I just googled it and it’s widely known as rapini.
    I never heard of it until a little over 20 years ago nor had anyone I knew who wasn’t Italian.

    Now it’s relatively common, especially in Italian restaurants. My favorite combination is with clams and red pepper flakes over linguine alli-ol
    (or however they pronounce it). It’s attractively bitter, though some is too much so.

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