She concluded: “A re-localisation of our food systems would allow us take back control of our food from industrialists and financiers, and to feed a growing population in a way that is equitable and sustainable, while safeguarding human health, as well as the welfare of animals and the environment.

“The Green vision is one of healthier citizens, where everyone has access to a good diet, of thriving local farmers, reinvigorated rural economies and communities, and a cleaner, safer environment."

So, err, what do we do when the crops fail? Remember 1840s Ireland? 1980s Ethiopia?


6 thoughts on “Caroline Again”

  1. They’re all hearkening back to Walden Pond and Thoreau’s good old days of Self Reliance. Completely bonkers.

  2. Anyone who advocates autarky is, a fortiori, a cretin and should be put in the stocks to be pelted with (locally grown, organic) rotten fruit until he or she is very, very sorry.

  3. This “re-localization” sounds an awful lot like trade barriers and punitive taxes on imported food.

  4. That’s Dr Cretin to you, Tim.

    Actually, I’d have thought the more broadly diversified the supply, the more secure it is.

  5. You’re so stupid Tim. If there is a famine then a special government agency will organise the transportation of food from somewhere that there isn’t a famine. Its really quite simple you know.

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