Cheering News

The survey, conducted in 30 vital "swing" seats across the country, puts David Cameron\’s party on 41 per cent of the vote.

Support for Labour has slumped to 17 per cent, putting the party in third place behind the Liberal Democrats, who are on 18 per cent. When a poll of the same marginals was undertaken 12 months ago, Labour was six points ahead of the Tories.

As our man the Bishop asked:

…if Labour can\’t hold onto Glasgow East, is there a possibility that they might not even be the official opposition next time round?

3 thoughts on “Cheering News”

  1. It gets even better:

    On this result (admittedly unimaginable at a real general election) Labour would be reduced to 25 seats: Andy Burnham and Harriet Harman would be the only cabinet ministers to survive. They would share space in the Commons with the likes of Frank Field and David Blunkett – but Brown would lose his seat

  2. Yeah, but let’s face it, the Lib dems are a total no show at present. It’d be great to have a really dramatic power shake-up but they’re just not capitalising on Labour’s losses.

  3. The Lib Dems are too fond of being “Not Tory” and actually like being number three. Faced with a once in a lifetime chance to become one of the big two, they will blow it.

    It would be really good for the country if the big two were Liberal & Conservative, with Socialism consigned to the dustbin of history.

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