Clem Burke

Not entirely convinced here.

They have been the butt of jokes, and even the most agile of their number have seldom been regarded as paragons of physical virtue.

For all John Bonham’s thunderous half-hour solos behind Led Zeppelin, and Keith Moon’s frenzied skin-bashing with The Who, neither man – nor the generations of drummers who followed them – was ever recognised as a finely tuned athlete.

But all that is about to change. After an eight-year study of Clem Burke, the veteran Blondie drummer, sports scientists have concluded that drummers are comparable in their physical prowess to world-class sportsmen.

Marcus Smith, of the University of Chichester, told The Times: “For me, as a sports scientist, he is no different to the Olympic athletes I have worked with.”

Some drummers, perhaps…..after all, Clem has always been known as one of the more physical drummers around.

There are other styles of course: some jazz drummers rely more on the flick of the wrist than anything else.

8 thoughts on “Clem Burke”

  1. Q. “How can you tell that the stage is level?”

    A. “The drool runs out of both corners of the drummer’s mouth.”


  2. some jazz drummers rely more on the flick of the wrist than anything else.

    So they would have physiques like porn stars?

  3. Big Sid Catlett, Gene Krupa, George Wettling, Zutty Singleton – them’s drummers.

    Funnily enough, I read that post and thought, “Now Krupa, he was a real drummer. Physical? You better believe it.”

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