Describing Hillary Clinton

Sometime in the last decade, her liberal foes evidently decided that whole "malevolent, power-mad shrew" thing sounded pretty good, too.

Well, if both conservatives and liberals come to hte same view of a person, there\’s always the possibility that that view actually contains a certain amount of truth.

Hmm, what\’s that you say? No, it has to be misogyny? You mean there\’s no possibility that Hillary is indeed a malevolent, power mad shrew?

That her rejection wasn\’t a rejection of all women, just of this woman right now?

3 thoughts on “Describing Hillary Clinton”

  1. You could argue that it wasn’t so much a rejection of her, it was instead a preferring of Senator Pajama.

  2. It’s an interesting question, because after all Golda Meier, Indira Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, and Angela Merkel must have wanted power, and been both focussed and ruthless to get to their positions of power.

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