Dr. Dragan Dabic

Via Tom Paine, here\’s Dr. Dragan Dabic\’s web page.

They, umm, really were looking hard for him all those years, weren\’t they?

Dr. Dragan "David" Dabic was born some six decades ago in a small Serbian village of Kovaci, near Kraljevo. As a young boy he liked to explore nearby forests and mountains, spending a lot of time on Kopaonik mountain where he tended to pick the omnipresent, natural and potent medicinal herbs that grew at those green pastures. As a young man he moved to Belgrade, and then on to Moscow where he graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree (spec. in Psychiatry) at the Moscow State University (Lomonosov). After Russia, Dr. Dabic travelled around India and Japan, after which he settled in China where he specialized in alternative medicine, with a special emphasis on the mind-body control, meditation, Yoga, spiritual cleansing, as well as Chinese herbs. In mid-1990s Dr. Dabic returned back to mother Serbia for good, and ever since then emerged as one of the most prominent experts in the field of alternative medicine, bioenergy, and macrobiotic diet in the whole of the Balkans, and is frequent contributor to the regional alternative health magazines, and guest expert with numerous TV appearances and on many public forums, seminars and symposiums (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Sombor, Smederevo, Kikinda…) dedicated to these issues and topics.

Dr. Dragan Dabic currently resides on Yury Gagarin street in New Belgrade, but for public forum invitations, television appearances or private consultations he can be reached directly at the following contact:

healingwounds @ dragandabic . com

And a Blog Too! (Ta to George in the Sandbox).

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  1. Sorry, but I’m still not convinced. He looks like a cross between the ArchBishop of Canterbury, and Uncle Albert from “Only fools and horses”.

    I’ve seen little girls who look more like Radovan Karadic than he does.

  2. Ehh… the domainname “dragandabic.com” expires July 22th, 2009, 13:50. So… it was created yesterday!?

  3. It is easy for anyone to judge him,but let me tell you that he was the only one that was defending his people,the only one who was strong enough,and he still is. Serbians will always love him because we know things that are not important for the rest of the world, and that is – Serbians have been killed too,but that is not important for most of the world, they know about Srebrenica and that is it. Well who was killing Serbians then, did we kill our people too, or they were killing themselves. I am not saying that we are not guilty, we all are, Serbs, Croats and Muslims, but only Serbs are getting 40+ years in jail, and everyone (who is brave)would defend their people if they were in Radovan’s skin. How is that making us feel, that one Sebian dead body is not important, on the other hand “their” body is important as they still feel grief for their lost people,and we don’t. Is that how you people see us???

  4. He is only one of many psychos in Serbia with hands full of blod from killing and massacre thousands in the Ballkans. It is important that Gad helps him to go to hell. He might find there some alternative medicine.

  5. look just forget about him, his doing just fine and hi slept is and will sleep just fine but you moja draga milofinka what do you think about thousands and thousnds of police paramilitary soldiers special unites etc that have ”deffended”serbia and cant sleep becose of his orders to KILL EVERYONE what about them.what do you think is like to kill children in mothers stomach with knife and to pull it out ha .so please cut the crap and think twice before you talk,those are the people that suffer not him not you not me .mpucc i neka ti bog cuva mozak.
    ps:just go to places where there was war kosova,bosnia,croatia,and talk to people about ”defending”serbia,it can help you understand better the definition of the word deffending the nation,dont let your self beieing manipulated and brainwashed its not good for your children and theyr future.

  6. All mothers cry in Balkan, some because their sons were killed unarmed or by deffending their country, and some because their sons were killied while attacking official regim in a country and executing inocent children, women,old people.

  7. Dragan Dabic was killed in Sarajevo in 1993. He lived there during war and was shot while running the “sniper street” by the hand of serb shooter from the hill above Sarajevo. Mr. Dabic’s brother Milan still lives in Sarajevo and he confirmed officialy that his brother was killed by serbian sniper. Dabic family from Sarajevo are serbs too. What an irony…

  8. I’am Serb too, but I dont like a man that can forget his family for 13 years. What do you expect from that kind of man to do with his pople?

  9. it is not yet sure that Radovan Karadzic is Dr Dabic.
    Karadzic is a great hero among serbs, but the fuckin USA and west want to see him dead as they killed MIlosevic;
    what about the TRUE WAR CRIMINALS like Hasim Taci who is now promoted from a terrorist into a PM?
    what a fuckin politics ruled by the US & CO?
    I’m just waiting for the time when all this “american democracy” will come back to destroy them, the way that they distroyed and punished unguilty serbian people!
    POMOZI BOZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The real “Heros” do not need to hide and as you know Radovan is just another sick man…kills his own people to get what he wants. I just know that most of you that support this man must report to the first Psychiatric Hospital. I understand that is nice to be proud of your people but please you need help if you can’t find anyone else to call a Serbian Hero! I don’t blame any of you for supporting him…because if you know better this would never come out of your mouth…the whole world knows better! I know you must be angry and ashamed…we understand! We don’t need to explain to you that some of us have survived…we remember and we will not forgive………..you figure it!

  11. Serbia has to go to a process realizing / accepting serbs were much more the violator then the victim.

    And most saw it & deepdown knew it.

    That’s a very hard & long process, ask the germans..

  12. serbins we know that ur proud of ur cantry, but why cant you forgive n forget,many muslims,croats,albanians were massacred by the leadership of milosevic,karadzich,mladic and others.its not faire to punish undefended peolpe like kosovans,remember who was nedjelko kabrimovic? was he a hero?call jozep broz tito a hero and not blood suckers

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