So there\’s this little scandal about an American offering access to politicians for money. There\’s mention of the Kazakh who is assumed to have bought Prince Andrew\’s house at above market price. Yes, all rather sleazy. Then there\’s this:

In a meeting with Payne, which was covertly recorded by a Sunday Times reporter who was also present, Dos introduced the subject of Payne having helped Kulibayev obtain a UN “passport”. Payne appeared to confirm his involvement, saying “Yeah yeah yeah, yeah.” Asked if this was possible Payne answered: “It can be done. It\’s a question of money, always. Everything is.” A source close to Payne said: “He didn’t do this, but he knows who did. Kulibayev’s firm paid for him to sit on a UN advisory commission and a friend of his on it got the document for him.”

The “commission” referred to is the Energy Security Forum, a now defunct offshoot of the UN Economic Commission for Europe. Kulibayev was given a seat, courtesy of his position at KMG, from its inception in 2003, but never turned up to any of its meetings, said a spokesman.

The UN has confirmed that members were required to pay up to £1m over three years to keep their seats and that in May 2005 Kulibayev was issued with the travel certificate.

Dos said: “Kulibayev wanted his seat simply for the UN ‘passport’.”

Eh? The UN charges people to sit on varied committees?

Why isn\’t that the main story?

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