Er, Sorry?

However, supermarkets\’ efforts to reduce wastage are arguably at odds with their raison d\’etre. Supermarkets exist to help people feed their families at the cheapest price possible.

Reducing waste conflicts with lowering prices in what manner?

5 thoughts on “Er, Sorry?”

  1. I’ll give you one cast iron guarantee: if government tries to regulate supermarket “waste” then food prices will rise and “wastage” will increase.

  2. “Supermarkets exist to help people feed their families at the cheapest price possible.”

    Strangely, I thought that supermarkets existed in order to make a profit…


  3. Agree with DK – only a twat would make such a stupid statement as in your quote Tim, all companies exist to make a profit, and as much of it as possible, THAT is their raison d’etre… Really I would only expect such stupidity in the Gruaniad.

  4. You DID catch this a while back about reducing our cows to 40% and offering only UHT and dried milk come 2020?

    …and so, banning farmers from culling TB badgers and is also very convenient.

    I’m afraid this crazy meme has infected all sides of the political spectrum, and it’s sad to see so many people lack the elementary logical skills to see the insanity behind those ideas.

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